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Featured artist: Krize

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How is your day so far my lovely readers? Mine is quite nice, the weather is great, looks like summer time already :-)

For today's featured artist I have chosen a Lithuanian Children's book illustrator living in Tui, Spain. Entering Kristina's shop is like opening the door for a wonderland garden. Filled with special characters that you can wear to adorn yourself, others that you can frame to decor your walls & others to play. Every piece seems to have been made with a special care given the beauty of the final result.

Krize shop is open on Etsy since 2008. Are you curious? Let's find out a bit more about Kristina & her creative life

1. Is it easy to be creative every day?
For me it is easy. I like to be creative not only with the art I make, but also in other areas of my life, so it makes every day different and happy. I like to be creative in the kitchen while preparing the food or simply inventing new song to sing! I think the creativeness is the style of life! I always was a creative child and this was and still is my best way to communicate what I feel or how I see what is happening around me.

2. What's the best part of your day?
It is about 5 p.m… after I took a walk with my dog Chino and when everything is calm in my house, when I prepare my green tea and sit in the terrace just to meditate in my creative process or to observe the nature. It seems that the time stops and when the time stops the great ideas come to my head.
{that's amazing when we have time to meditate}

3. The first time you sold something to someone who was not a friend or a relative what did you feel?
I felt happiness! It is really great to make something and to have person who really wants to have it! And when you can live from what you really love and have people that want to wear your handmade, this is the best!
{I' know what you mean, the feeling is overwhelming}

4. Is there anything else you can imagine yourself doing for a living?
Actually I combine illustrating children’s books with my handmade activity. I am very happy to work full time on both. I give thanks to the Universe for this gift and possibility in my life!

5. Is there anything in particular that fuels your creativity as an artist?
I feel a big inspiration on animals. I love observing animals, their texture and their sweetness. They make me smile and they inspire me.
{I have to confess that I'm in love by your rabbits}

6. What was the best strategy (in case you tried any) to increase your sales?
Taking good and funny photos and also making treasuries (I have to say that now I have no time to make one, but there was a time when I was really addicted to treasuries!)
{I also believe that photography is half the way to make a sale}

7. Tell us something random or quirky about yourself.
I love Tea very much, I have a lot of different types of teas and can´t stop to buy more…
And also I speak with cats. Don´t ask me how but I think they understand me
{I can't stop myself from buying vintage buttons, I'm almost sure that's a disease :-) }

I hope you enjoyed Kristina's interview & shop. Make sure you pay a visit to her wonderland shop.

{ Thank you so much Kristina for this lovely interview }


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  2. Thanks so much! I am happy to be here!! :)

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