"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se" Charles Eames

Style icon: Tribute to Marilyn Monroe #5

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{ Marilyn Monroe with tennis dress /\ Country Club Short-Sleeve Tennis Dress }

Daily inpiration: ric-rac, flowers & pompom

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Daily find: Scandinavian design

I just love the scandinavian patterns from the 60's & 70's. They seem to be timeless, this Blossom Teapot designed by Camilla Engdahl uses this amazing flower retro pattern. The shop also has the teacup set. Just lovely!!!

{shop credits: Scandinavian Design Center}

Style icon: Tribute to Marilyn Monroe #4

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{ Marilyn Monroe with diagonal stripe scarf /\ Ted Baker Stripe One Shoulder Maxi Dress }

Daily inspiration: sweet, sweet Robin!!!

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{top: Robin from Isfugl /\ bottom left: Robin Eggs from Funkybeatz
/\ bottom right: Robin's Nest Necklace from RhondasTreasures}

Daily find: Nesting in my Heart

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I follow redhotpottery work for a long time. It is amazing what someone can do with clay materials when the creativity is in the right place. This Robin Egg Blue Heart Bowl set is just the perfect example of this wonderful crafter.

My home has no blue but I would love to see this Lovebirdies vase on our living room :-)

{shop credit: redhotpottery}

Treasures found on Etsy: Robin Egg Blue mixed with Black

TOTAL LOOK $196.50

Are you having a good monday my dears? It's almost Easter time so I though a little bit of Robin Egg Blue would be perfect for this week's treasury.

Do you have any gorgeous item yet to be discovered?
{ Share it with me? }

Missing days from last week

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Good morning everyboby!!!

Last week I wasn't able to post anything on Thursday & Friday. My youngest daughter Adriana got sick. Nothing serious, she had fever and was very cranky, but who does not get grumpy when is sick, right? She couldn't go to school so I stayed with her at home, so it was impossible to sit at the computer because she wanted the attention all for her :-)

I don't know if many of you are parents but I personally fill exhausted after spending a day with an almost 14 quilos (30 pounds) girl on my lap all day long. After putting her to sleep at night I no longer had the strength to sit at the computer.

I promise that this week I will try to compensate for my faults :P