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Treasures found on Etsy: for Japan

Posted: Mar 21, 2011 | Posted by ana | Labels: , , , , , ,

Hello & happy monday my lovely readers!!!

How was your weekend? Spring has arrived, the sky is blue, the sun is shinning, temperatures are cool.

I teached my youngest daughter how to float in the water & she loves it, my oldest daughter spent the weekend improving her skills with her roller blading. We met with some friends to eat tipical portuguese snacks & drink beer. It was a nice weekend.

This week I decided to keep talking about the Etsy sellers who are trying to help Japan in this time of need by donating their proceeds to Humanitarian Organizations!
Do you have any gorgeous item yet to be discovered?
{ Share it with me? }


  1. NICOLE! said...
  2. oh my LADY your blog is fantastic!

    (so is your shop!)

    thank you so much for the inclusion and for helping spread the word about easy ways to donate to japan.
    keep up the supreme work!


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