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Style icon: Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor #1

Posted: Mar 24, 2011 | Posted by ana | Labels: , , ,

I grew up watching the movies where Elizabeth Taylor glowed with her beauty & femininity. Accomplished actress with a legendary beauty, a real Helen of Troy. With a lifestyle as dramatic as the rolls she played in the screen she deserves a status of style icon.

Andy Warhol made two pop art paintings of Elizabeth, this one called "Silver Liz" is from 1963,
the year she became the first actress to earn $1million.

I would love to pay her a tribute by making a series of posts including pictures of her & trying to find fashion items that go along.

{ credits: Elizabeth Taylor knitting /\ Joseph Magnin dress }

I'm a knitter myself so I just add to choose this picture for this first tribute post :-)

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor


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