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My sweet home: living room window

Posted: Mar 9, 2011 | Posted by ana | Labels: ,

How is this wednesday treating you so far my dears? Mine it's kind of messy, I've a lot of work to do at my daily job, the rain is not helping me make the photographs I need to do, in order to add new pieces in my Etsy shop... I guess I have to be patient with the weather, because I'm the one who likes to photograph everything with natural light, right?

So for today I've prepared a sequence of photos of our living room window. You might think "a post about a window!!! what the hell!!!"

I have a very simple explanation on the subject, in the pictures bellow you'll see how the use of white paint & a change of window framing & glass can improve your perception of natural light inside a house.

The previous owners had the place for almost 20 years, the paint was some sort of dark beige with lots of dirt & cracking everywhere. They had these venetian curtains that blocked all the natural light, the window frame was made of iron, painted in white & it didn't open properly anymore, the glass was hammered & some of the windows were broken. Although I like this vintage kind of glass we needed a big change on that window in order to obtain more natural light inside the living room.

At this point we had all the walls & ceillings treated properly & painted in white. Has you can see without the curtains & the cracked beige paint the room was already receiving more natural light inside.

This is the final result with the new double glass & white pvc window framing. I took this picture the day the kitchen was to be mounted, that's why you see a lot of kitchen stuff on the living room floor.

Can you see the difference? Our living room gained in natural light but also in keeping the house warmer or fresher depending on the time of the year. I'll be adding some curtains, but in a very light weight fabric to let the light come in.


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