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My sweet home: living room details

Posted: Mar 2, 2011 | Posted by ana | Labels: , , ,

Hello my dear readers,

On wednesdays I like to talk about decor, I try to do it also on the daily find & daily inspiration columns. My intention it to show up every week a little more of my sweet new home, I'm so happy we found this apartment. For the first time I feel I can put everything the way I like, or at least try, because I have room, I have the light. I just hope that you find it interesting. My intention is to show a real home, where real people live, where there's always mess made by our daughters & not a magazine styled perfect home.

I love to mix vintage finds with modern furniture. Luckly in my own street I have an amazing antique shop run by two nice middle-age gentlemen. The very first time I went for a visit this golden cabinet caught my attention. "It was not for sale" they said, so I kept pushing & they decided to sell me for the incredible price of 60 euros {approximately $80}. It's perfect to store all the tiny vintage pieces bought on Ebay for several years & my collection of vintage cameras.

Since we moved we decided that we need to change our sofa. We had an Everöd orange TYLÖSAND {honestly I was fed up with it, specially for the color} & wanted something more sober with a neutral but warm color. After some research we chose the Korndal brown KARLSTAD.

It only took us 45 minutes to join all the couch parts {the IKEA concept is really fantastic} & for the final touch I added two huge & super fluffy pillows from Zara Home.

How about you, do you prefer your couch firmer or softer?


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