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Featured artist: Feltik

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If you love felt you have to love Magdalena's work. It's so unique, bold & simple at the same time.

Although she's polish she now lives in Norway with her husband. What a gorgeous country to live in, I think!!!

Feltik is up & runing since January 2009 & it's full of beautiful felt necklaces & other accessories. The prices seem quite affordable.

Let's find out a bit more about Magdalena & her creative life

1. Is it easy to be creative everyday?
I think the hardest is to have time for being creative. To actually make things. This is the nature of everything handmade, it takes time to make your ideas come to life. I'm sure you all know that from your experience. I also think that doing different projects helps a lot to maintain my creativity. For example during one day I felt, knit, crochet I take photos, so I don't get tired or bored with things that I do. But of course I have days, when I don't know where to start, or when I'm not very productive or creative, then I usually step back and do something else like baking.
{I share your opinion, doing different things helps you mantain a good level of creativity}

2. What's the best part of your day?
I like mornings a lot, drinking morning coffee while reading my favorite blogs. There is also feeling of a fresh start, that you have whole day before you. I like to cross out things from my to-do list. It is really nice feeling when I accomplished my small goals.
{I do that. I love to cross goals that I've reached :-) }

3. The first time you sold something to someone who was not a friend or a relative what did you feel?
I was a little surprised actually, but of course very happy. It is wonderful feeling when somebody wants to wear things that you crafted with your own hands, something that took good few hours to make. It is always great feeling, very rewarding.

4.Is there anything else you can imagine yourself doing for a living?
Few things but all within creative field and flexible working hours. I could be freelance graphic designer (my previous work), I could be photographer (dream job) I could be a travel destination critique (if there's is something like that, it is a dream job but connected with experiences and my passion). But I'm sure I would make jewelery anyway, as I really love it.
{I like the idea of flexible working hours even if it is just a concept, because when you work for yourself you work a lot more hours}

5. Is there anything in particular that fuels your creativity as an artist?
I don't know if there's anything in particular...maybe some old/vintage wallpapers and patterns. I find watching some fashion shows inspirational as well as albums, pictures of nature or drawings.

6. What was the best strategy (in case you tried any) to increase your sales?
I'm definitely not an expert as far as sales are considered. I have to find my strategy to improve my sales first! I think that listing new items as often as you can is very important though.

7. Tell us something random or quirky about yourself.
Hmm that's a hard one because I know myself, so all things about me are obviously quite casual.

For example some people find it interesting that I'm Polish, my husband is Slovak, we met in Ireland and now live in Norway, and that at home each of us speaks our own language, which may sound funny.

Also I can easily eat two pints of Ben&Jerry's during one movie and I'm telling you not everybody can do that!
{I wonder if you understand each other languages!?!}


I hope you enjoyed Magdalena's interview & shop. You really should pay a visit to her shop. I'm sure you'll find very interesting pieces beside the ones shown in the interview.

{ Thank you so much Magdalena for this lovely interview }


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