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Treasures found on Etsy: the perfect look for a night out

Posted: Feb 28, 2011 | Posted by ana | Labels: , , , , ,

How are you all doing today my lovelies? How was your weekend?

I had a great weekend, the sun was shinning, I can hear the birds while I'm drinking my morning coffee {the first sign that Spring is just around the corner}.

I was interviewed & photographed for a weekly newspaper & I had my mother's birthday lunch on Sunday. She's 71 now & I still feel that she has so much to teach me.

Influenced by the Oscar's ceremony glamor I decided to make a treasury of black & gold shades. What do you think? Would you combine these pieces for a night out with the gals?

Do you have any gorgeous item yet to be discovered?
{ Share it with me? }


  1. Ligia Rocha said...
  2. Beautifully arranged together, I'm delighted to be here!!!
    Thank you so much :)))

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