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Shop review: Plümo

Posted: Feb 17, 2011 | Posted by ana | Labels: ,

Are you feeling in the mood for some shopping my dears?
I wanted to present you Plümo shop. It was probably one of the first shops I found & bought something online from.

They are based in the UK but they ship worldwide, you can even choose the currency between british pounds, euros or dollars. Don't you just love when shops ship worldwide?! Maybe is not such a big issue for US residents but because I live in Portugal it can be annoying sometimes, when you find that perfect piece for you or for your home & the shop does not ship internationally. I remember that Anthropologie didn't ship outside the US a few years ago, I sent them about 5 or 6 emails asking for it & probably a lot of other people must have done the same because they have a european shop these days.

But back to the subject, at Plümo you can find real unusual finds for women & for the home. Everything I've bought from them made people ask me {even in the middle of the street} where did I bought my umbrella, my sandals, etc... My experience with this shop is 110% pleased :)

Plümo gathers work from artisans, co-operatives from Africa to Asia, fresh designers, creative people, they sell hand made products from all over the world that are unusual and hard to find.

Their co-operative & social consciousness work has helped small local businesses and families from poor countries build & manage fair incomes to support themselves. They also work with fair trade accredited companies.

So when someone shop's from Plümo is also supporting all the artisans, the crafters, the small & family business.

Have you ever thought about it? Did you find anything you love?

{images credit: plümo}


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