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My Sweet Home: Social Bathroom

Posted: Feb 17, 2011 | Posted by ana | Labels:

How are you doing today my sweet readers?

Today I'm writting my first column about My Sweet Home, so I had to decide what to show. I actually had decided to start by showing the architectural plans of the apartment but unfortunately I didn't had the time to scan them so I had to choose the plan B: the social bathroom.

The social bathroom had very old tiles full of visible water pipes, the window was broken, the wall had this awful brown color... and the door (I don't have a picture) was like a western saloon door. I believe that the previous owners didn't use this bathroom at all.

Challenge: change all the tiling, put new water pipes inside the walls, change the door, include a place to wash the hands, new toilet, new window in PVC with double glazed, paint the walls in white. {the only thing from the original is the black floor}

Achieved: we chose the gorgeous white tiling but to add some color we decided to add a column of the same tiling but in blue shades, aligned with the toilet. The table is made of laminated oak & it was made specifically for this bathroom. For the door we decided to go with a sliding one & OMG I love this idea because it saves you so much space.

I know I didn't put any pictures from the "done" but what do you think so far?  Do you like the tiling? Do you have any favorite color to use on bathrooms?

I promise some final shots on next weeks column, ok!


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