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Daily find: Vintage Mathilda Dress

Posted: Feb 14, 2011 | Posted by ana | Labels: ,

{image credit: AstralBoutique}

It's Valentine's day so being an incurable romantic person I had to pic something reaaaaally romantic to show. What about this vintage dress from AstralBoutique on Etsy! Isn't it cute or what? I just love the stripes, the nautical shape, the colors. The shop slogan is "Dressing Up To Kiss" so what could be more appropriate for Valentine's Day?!
I love the photography work. This scene exudes romance, magic & ethereal feelings. You should take a minute & search this fantastic shop because every piece has a gorgeous picture & the pictures seem to tell stories.

Going back to Valentine's Day, do you have any plans for tonight? What was the best gift you ever received on a Valentine's day?

Having two kids makes it harder to celebrate, but I guess I'll try to had some candles {homemade by myself} at dinner & choose a good bottle of red wine to celebrate with my husband. After that maybe snuggle on the couch watching a romantic movie :)


  1. Kathy said...
  2. that dress is incredibly cute

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